Every year French cosmetics company Bourjois is introducing some new products. Since 2007 Bourjois PR events have been organized by One plus one.

This time major glossy magazines beauty editors and journalists gathered in a cool brand new photo studio dressed in “New York urban loft” style to evaluate new “Fresh mix” toner, 3D lip gloss, new tints of legendary “round jars” and to witness the launch of spray and roll-on deodorants on the Russian market as well as a couple of new shower gel tastes presentation.

Wide open space with huge windows allowed us to accommodate some fascinating 3D constructions which served as decoration and product showcase, lounge zone, florists master-class and make-up studio.

Agency task was:

  • Location scouting;
  • Invitation distribution, confirmation of participation;
  • Venue set/scenery production;
  • Staff selection, hiring and training;
  • Guests entertaining ideas development and implementation;
  • Event flow management;
  • Photo report and evaluation.

A number of locations were considered and finally the Photoplay conceptual studio was selected.

Although the venue was still under construction Agency managed to finalize it by the event date.

The presentation was realized in 3D with the help of constructions imitating huge open books 220 by 120 cm used recto verso.

Main creative idea was to present Paris Chinese portrait through a beautifully made-up face:

“...If Paris was a story of beauty told by Bourjois...”

Each book served as product showcase visible at 360 degrees. Every book was a self-sufficient sonnet which allowed controlling people flow and paying attention to every guest.

The venue was divided into several zones:

  1. Catering/lounge
  2. “Round jars”
  3. “Healthy mix”
  4. “Effet 3D”
  5. Make-up stylist zone
  6. Deodorants and shower gels
  7. Animation with florists

First thing at the entrance the guests saw the “Round jars” book presenting legendary classic Bourjois eye shadows.

Effect 3D book presented new lip gloss with volume effect.

Healthy mix – liquid foundation with fresh fruits extracts.

Deodorants and shower gels.

The idea behind this zone was developed locally and consisted in setting up a French style flower shop . An authentic wagon was specially produced by local wheelwright.

French florist company “Au nom de la rose” participated in guest animation and managed to carry the guests away from Moscow and took them to the streets of Paris with their inexpressible scent and feel.

Each guest was offered a nicely done stylish bouquet which they assembled with their own hands.

A make-up stylist was invited to allow the guest to try and enjoy the products presented.

Fashion Food Fabrique catering company offered a stylish fresh mix stand-up meal with a tint of French cuisine.

More then 70 guests attended the event. Among those Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazar, Yes, Vogue, Tatler, Burda, Grazia, Madam Figaro, ELLE, In Style and other magazines representatives.

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