In Cherkassy lane, one of the central Moscow streets near Kremlin, in a building with a symmetrical façade, in rational modernism style has opened its doors The Old School Pub. During the day out of the pub’s huge windows can be seen rushing life of Moscow's top management, working in the buildings next door.

In the evening Cherkassky turns into a European bar street, where instead of clerks and couriers come lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen, hurry to drink their «after hours» portion of the Mai-Tai or cherry Mort Subite beer in a comfortable dark wood interior of The Old School Pub. A huge Jimmy Hendrix portrait looking at the crowd from the ceiling became place’s ID.

Our agency has participated in the venue set-up, having built light boxes serving both as bar shelves as well as window decoration and dressed the staff in a nicely looking and comfortable uniform.

You can appraise our job from the photo report of better coming to the School Pub in person! © 2005-2011